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  • New Space, New Opportunity, New Potential!

    A new space brings new opportunity – new potential. Maybe you’ll furnish anew, or change-up the color scheme since your last home. Neutral wall colors are basically a blank canvas. Not only does this pallet of beige and cream make the space feel bigger, but also instantly warmer. Not only that, but It’s also a friendly compliment to most any color that could be paired with it – so from a design standpoint it’s an ideal tone. If wanting a new look, remove the rich, red accent pieces and replace with accents pieces of a new color, like teal. Voila, entirely new look and feel to your home. Speaking of accent pieces, don’t forget that white can be an equally viable option. White, sheer curtains, bed linens or an upholstered, accent chair can easily make a room appear more vibrant and have an all-over fresh and clean look. If this…

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